How to Score Good CGPA in SSC Board Exams 2016

If you are a 10th class student who is going to write SCC board exams in the March 2016, then you should definitely go through this article. Generally, it is the intention of all the 10th class pursuing students that they need to score good percentage or CGPA in SSC board exams wither with their own intention or by force. Whatever it may be there are few things that every 10th class student should be aware of to get good CGPA in the board exams. To know about those, you need to go through below information.

Way to Score Good CGPS in 10th Class Board Exam 2016

There are two main things one should concentrate on, to score good CGPA in 10th class board exams 2016 and here are those points.

  1. Study Habits 
  2. Right Way of Answering the Questions Asked in the Exams

Let us have brief look at these points now and know what actually to do and what to change for getting good CGPA in 10th class.

Study Habits

Every 10th class studying students should go through these points of study habits.

  • The first and foremost thing, stay away from all the distractions as if you were a 10th class student.
  • At that make a proper plan and allot time for each subject in that plan.
  • Stick to what you have planned and don’t try to escape from it.
  • Start with easy and interesting subjects always but don’t annoy difficult subjects and they must be given special importance too.
  • Take the help of your teachers or elders in getting your doubts clear.
  • Don’t get frustrated if things are not going well. Make your mind fresh for some time and then continue.
  • Know your weakness and pay special attention to it, to make it as strength.
  • Revise and revise until you have perfection at the subject.
  • Realize the importance of whatever you are studying and make sure that you like what you are studying.
  • Don’t give up in the last minute and don’t get relaxed until you finish your task.
  • Last but not least at least till the exams, make this as a habit.
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Right Way of Answering the Questions Asked in the Exams

After a through preparation, attempting in the exam also play a key role in getting good CGPA in 10th class board exams.

  • At first you need to read the question paper thoroughly and know what exactly asked before you start attempting the question. This is because most of the students will read only half of the question and end up giving the wrong answer to the question. 
  •  Apply your common sense if difficult questions were asked. Try to write the most relevant answer with the knowledge that you have on the subject. 
  • Stay focused and don’t get distracted during the exam which may lead you answer wrong. 
  •  Last but not least a very important point is here. Way of answering and presentation of answer also play a major role in getting good CGPA and it is very important to be noted. So, write in good and neat hand writing. It is better to write important points in a point wise manner as it looks neat and the examiner also will be able to understand it. With this you can get good marks for right answer.

Following all these points and making small changes in your studying habit and attempting the SSC board exam will help you to score good CGPA in SSC board exam 2016.